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Fredag 31. maj


MAIREAD- a sound drama in English, by Tanja Mastilo

when love locks you up and throws away the key
MAIREAD is a modern love story wrapped in mystery and a splash of dark humour. Four people are trapped in prison cells – they have no idea why they are there or how they got there. The only thing they know for sure is that they all have a connection to one of the trapped women -Mairead.

Come and join Why Not Theatre Company in exploring the consequences of love – and love gone wrong. How does true love manifest itself in an age of online profiling and quick fix dating solutions?

The world premiere of Reumert-winning Tanja Mastilo’s MAIREAD was performed as a play at Teatret ved Sorte Hest in 2019. It was a huge hit with audiences and reviewers alike. Now we bring it to you as a sound drama: no visible actors, no scenography – no distractions! Just sit back in the dark, relax, close your eyes and listen. Listen to the story unfolding and let your imagination do all the work.

Writer: Tanja Mastilo

Actors: Kerry Norton-Griffith, Nathan Meister, Kevin Kiernan-Molloy and Sue Hansen-Styles

Recorded at: The Village Studio/Thomas Vang

Sound designer: David Elberling

Technician: Barry Wesil

Audiodrama duration: 75 minutes

After the audiodrama, we invite everyone to stay in the cinema for a conversation with the creative team.